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Damp Proofing Experts can help with penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation issues.

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Damp Proofing Services

Damp Proofing Experts offer specialist Damp Proofing Solutions to prevent damage to your property or to fix existing damp problems. The damage caused can be serious, but the cause of the damp is usually obvious and straightforward to fix, unless the house was just built in the wrong place. We cover:

  • Bournemouth,
  • Poole,
  • Dorset,
  • Hampshire,
  • Southampton,
  • Portsmouth

Plus surrounding/internal areas.

Rising Damp Solutions in Dorset

Penetrating Damp

Damp that comes in through the walls is called ‘penetrating damp’, it is usually caused by faults in the guttering, which is easily fixed. If the damp is close to ground level then the damp proof course (DPC) might be damaged; some older houses don’t even have them installed. Before getting a new DPC, look around the outside of the property to see if earth or badly constructed building work has come up from ground level.


Condensation is moisture in the air inside the house, which can’t get out and leads to mouldy patches on walls and ceilings. This can be fixed by improving the ventilation. With both condensation and penetrating damp, once the cause is isolated, a dehumidifier will help dry the affected areas out before fixing the damage and redecorating. View more on our condensation solutions.

Rising Damp

In addition to providing damp proofing solutions, Damp Proofing Experts can help by providing an expert report to ascertain a rising damp problem. Thid can occur due to a failed damp proof course (DPC) or the lack of one installed. Rising damp can be identified with a moisture meter or signs may appear visually such as damp patches on wall surfaces. Find out about our treatment solutions.

A Damp Proofing Experts advisor would be assigned to you, and take you through the process of making your home safe, secure and warm. This could mean a FREE fire check or getting door-chains and alarm systems fitted, or replacement of loft and cavity wall insulation, or having damp proofing, condensation control, ventilation and other home improvements.

We are confident at Damp Proofing Experts that the damp proof treatment and dry rot service you receive from our experienced and qualified employees will be second to none.

We are a small family run firm covering Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, Hampshire, Southampton, and Portsmouth.