How do I arrange for a Surveyor to inspect my property?

Please contact our survey booking office either by completing the online form below or call us on the number above.

How long will it take a Surveyor to complete the survey of my home?

An inspection can take as little as half an hour, or as long as several days. It depends upon several factors, such as the size of your home, the nature of the problem, the ease of access that we have to the areas of your concern and the limitations that may be placed upon our surveyor

What is involved in a survey?

All of our surveys will start with an inspection of the exterior of the building to identify any defects that could cause dampness inside the building which could cause decay or be mistaken for rising damp. The internal inspection for woodworm and rot involves inspecting the sub-floor timbers by lifting floorboards, inspecting the roof timbers as well as checking the

  • Skirting boards
  • Window frames
  • And other accessible timbers

When dealing with decay it may be necessary to remove plaster to expose built in and hidden timbers. Damp surveys will also involve the lifting of ground floor timbers and tests of samples of mortar taken from the wall, so that they can be tested by our surveyor or sent to our laboratory for analysis.

Can you tell me over the phone how much the work is likely to cost?

No. All properties and their problems are unique and as such we will have to carry out out an individual survey of your property to establish the full extent of any problem and provide you with the most cost effective solution.

Can I live in my home whilst you carry out the treatment work?

Generally yes. There may be an exclusion period from the treated areas of your home and if you suffer from allergies the exclusion periods are likely to be extended. You also may not wish to live in your home during the treatment period if the work we are undertaking involves the removal of your kitchen or bathroom areas.

Will the treatment work make my house smell?

The treatment preparations that we use are water based, and as such there should be very little residual odour.

Do I have to take time off from work whilst the treatment work is being carried out?

No. Our technicians are all directly employed by Damp Proof Experts and you can trust them in your home. Any subcontractors who we may use can also be trusted, as they have been approved by us.

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