Internal Plastering

Interior plastering may be carried out for numerous reasons

New buildings require a finish to be applied to the new walls, alterations and extensions may be undertaken and old buildings may require major refurbishment.

If the building is listed then it is likely that the repairs and renovations will have to be carried out under the guidance of the local conservation and planning departments using traditional materials.

Plastering Services in Bournemouth

Various materials my be utilised on interior walls and ceilings, such as:

  • Hand riven or sawn lathes in chestnut or oak
  • Traditional Lime Putty Plasters
  • Earth Plasters
  • Gypsum Based Plasters – more commonly used on new build
  • Sand and Cement Render
  • All of these materials can be applied to interior walls and all of them can be finished to an acceptably smooth surface. Do not be misled into believing that traditional methods and materials automatically mean uneven, untidy finishes

We carry out all traditional internal plastering, including:

  • Float and skim “backing coat of sand and cement or light weight gypsum plaster and top coat of finishing plaster”
  • Plasterboard and skim “fixture of plasterboards to wooden or metal stud or ceilings and skim with finishing plaster”
  • Dot and dab “fixing plasterboard to solid walls and skim with finishing plaster”

All potential work is discussed with the customer giving a professional and unbiased opinion and a no obligation quote. We pride ourselves in offering a clean and tidy reliable service with a quality finish.