Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is caused when moisture within the room has no place in which it can escape or when its usual escape route has become blocked. The movement of water through the walls is a key factor of penetrating damp.

At Damp Proofing Experts, we provide our customers with a huge range of solutions to and have listed below a guide in which you can identify if your household suffers from penetrating damp.

Penetrating Damp Solutions

Identifying penetrating damp

  • Any signs of damage to your painted surfaces or other internal decoration like discoloured surfaces or wet patches
  • Decaying or damaged plastering that is disintegrating
  • Rot within floor timbers or skirting boards
  • Random patches of damp at different levels
  • Growth of mould

Factors behind penetrating damp

  • Penetrating damp is often caused by the following factors:
  • Building defects is a big cause in penetrating damp. Cracked brickwork, ill-fitting windows, faulty guttering or roof coverings can all have a major impact on penetrating damp
  • Another cause is lateral penetrating damp which is when the external ground is above the internal floor level

Penetrating damp survey

Before any work is undertaken by Damp Proofing Experts, we will send out an experienced surveyor to carry out a complete inspection of your property to view the scale of damp within the property. This inspection allows our company to understand the exact scale of the problem and to be able to design an effective waterproof system that meets the BS 8102 requirements.  All of our solutions will be cost-effective and will be efficient in solving damp in your property.