Rising Damp

Rising damp is when moisture rises up through a permeable wall structure

The water often rises through pores within walls and floors which are known in the trade as capillarity. Damp Proofing Experts have helped solve rising damp in many homes, and we offer a wide range of specialist treatments in many properties.

As previously mentioned, rising damp occurs when moisture or water rises through a wall surface and rises until it is able to evaporate, or it is no longer able to move. Rising damp tends to affect rooms on the ground floor and basement rooms.

Rising Damp Solutions in Dorset

The rate of evaporation will have an impact on the height and scale of rising damp within your property. Another factor will be if your masonry contains a high proportion of fine small pores this will enable more moisture and water to rise through your walls. Moisture is able to rise a significant proportion if the pores within your masonry are particularly large.

Mortar beds are one of the most important pathways for rising damp as it allows water to pass through and rise through the walls of your property. If your home has been built with impervious bricks, water is still able to rise through but the addition of impervious mortar will prevent the rising of moisture. Strong, impervious mortar beds are key in treatment.

At Damp Proofing Experts, prior to any work beginning on your property, our trained and experienced surveyors will inspect your property thoroughly to ensure we understand the scale of rising damp in your property.

Once we have agreed on the project date and have understood the full-scale of rising damp within your property, we will begin the work to relieve your property of rising damp. Damp Proofing Experts will remove any old damaged plasterwork and decorations that have been affected by the rising damp in your property. We will also replaster the affected areas with a specialist plaster that will help prevent the passage of moisture and contaminant salts.




For more information on how Damp Proofing Experts can solve rising damp within your property, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.