Treating Woodworm

Damp Proofing Experts offer woodworm treatment to properties of all age and sizes.

Our experts are based across the country and ready to carry out specialist treatments to control any infestation. Treatments commonly used by us include:

  • Water based  – designed to minimise the exposure of people, pets and the environment to our products, and also useful for fungal decay.
  • Fogging – our unique fogging systems are used to treat floors so that in most cases carpets and furniture do not need to be removed from the room when treated. Fogging can often allow the room to be back in use two hours after woodworm treatment.

If you suspect the presence of woodworm in your property, we recommend that you arrange with a qualified surveyor to inspect the problem and provide effective woodworm treatment.

Woodworn Solutions

Professional Treatment

The cost of woodworm treatment will vary depending on a number of factors:

  • How much floor area or roof area needs to be treated
  • How intense the infestation is which may require a different level of treatment
  • If timber replacements are required
  • Difficult site factors in the treatment area

The only way an accurate price can be given is by a qualified surveyor carrying out a full survey.

Damp Proofing Experts have worked in the field of remedial woodworm treatment for over 80 years. Our woodworm treatment is covered by a 30-year guarantee, which can be passed on to future owners of the property.

DIY Products

At Damp Proofing Experts, we offer effective DIY woodworm killer products that could help to treat localised problems in your property. These products can be used on smaller wood furnishings indoors and outdoors, but are not recommended for use on timber within structural supports.

Smoke bombs are available as a DIY product but they are not very effective in moderate to heavy infestations. This method is limited in success if there is not much air circulation within the roof or floor space to disperse the smoke to all areas of the roof.

We strongly recommend that you seek professional services to deal with more severe and established woodworm problems, especially in large living areas and where children and pets are present.