Types of Wet Rot

White Rot

(Donkioporia expansa)

Fruit bodies: Thick, hard plate or bracket. Dull fawn or biscuit colour. Long pores, often in several layers.

Mycelium: White to biscuit in colour found within the timber

Brown Rot

(Coniophora puteana)

Fruit bodies: Thin plate. Greenish olive brown. Spores on many minute pimples. Rarely seen.

Mycelium: Slender, thread-like, first yellowish, soon becoming deep brown or nearly black

Brown Rot

(Fibroporia vaillantii)

Fruit bodies: Soft, white plate, hard when dry. Spore bearing surface showing numerous minute pores.

Mycelium: Very white fern-like growth on edges of sheet, never showing colouration. Strands remaining flexible when dried.

Elf Cup

(Peziza SSP)

Noted for growth on a wide range of domestic materials, including plaster, cement, sand, wet carpets and walls. These cup fungi have a rubbery texture and are large enough to pluck from carpets or skirting boards with your fingers. If blown on with moist breath, spirals of smoke composed of released spores can be observed.